Action Alert! Oppose Emergency Infectious Disease Regulations


As explained in the alert we (Virginia Trucking Association) sent out last week, the Virginia Safety & Health Codes Board will be voting on proposed emergency regulations regarding infectious disease prevention at its meeting this Wednesday, June 24, 2020. The deadline for public comments is 11:59 p.m. tonight!


Please take a minute to visit
and file a brief comment opposing the emergency regulation.

We understand that agency staff will only report to the Board a “scoreboard” of the number of comments for and against these regulations to guide their decision. The proponents are well-organized and generating a lot of comments in support making it critical for opponents to weigh in.


While your comment may be as simple as “reject the proposed emergency regulation,” here are some talking points you can use to elaborate if you wish:


·    These one-size fits all regulations make compliance impractical and burdensome for a highly mobile workforce like the trucking industry.

·    The trucking industry has continued to provide essential transportation services during the pandemic by making commonsense adjustments to its operations, both on the road and within its shops and offices, to provide the highest and most practical level of safeguards for their employees to protect them from COVID-19.

·    These regulations are unnecessary, since employers have guidance from CDC, OSHA, VDH, and others, and are already subject to investigation and enforcement action by the Department of Labor & Industry.

·    To meet the challenge of the critical role trucking will play as we reopen and turn toward economic recovery, the industry cannot be hindered with burdensome, impractical and unnecessary regulations such as these proposed emergency regulations.

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