The TMTA Pier Committee is continuing in their efforts with the VPA SR. MGT and VPA Board Chairman to facilitate movement along the lines of the following. This effort is coordinated with the assistance of Art Moye, SR, Executive of the VMA. Together we are focusing all of our attention to the improvement of the treatment and turns of the Motor Carrier community.

To: All Port Users
From: Port Operations Team
Date: April 8, 2015
Subject: Service Improvement Update #10
The Port of Virginia continues to evaluate its operations in an ongoing effort to improve efficiency and develop consistency in all phases of its operations. Below is a synopsis of the most recent actions taken by the teams in operations and at HRCP II:
1) The port continues to take control of additional chassis assets. As of today:
280 x 40’ have been delivered to HRCP II
Chassis are in the process of being inspected and inducted to the pool
125 x 40’ are being delivered this week
Those efforts will add 400 chassis to HRCP II during the next two weeks.
We have issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) to lease 500 additional chassis. Once a vendor and terms are agreed upon, our effort will be to expedite these assets as quickly as possible.
2) Work on the rail container yard at Virginia International Gateway (VIG) continues. When completed in June, this initiative will effectively separate containers conveyed by rail and truck. This project will create additional capacity in the VIG container pad by removing rail containers from the stack and contribute to an improved dwell-time for rail containers.
3) At Portsmouth Marine Terminal (PMT) two new top-loaders are in service, one more is projected to start service the week of April 13 and three more are being assembled and are scheduled to go to work the week of April 20.
Four additional top-loaders are on order for PMT, and are expected to be in service by mid-May.
Twenty-six “bomb-carts” are on order and our goal is to have 18 of these in service at PMT by the end of May. Eighteen of these bomb-carts are scheduled to be in service by the end of May; the balance is expected to be in service by mid-June.
4) We have lifted a temporary embargo on empty containers moving eastbound with Norfolk Southern (NS). NS is accepting empties billed for Norfolk International Terminals (NIT) and/or VIG at all of their intermodal ramps serving The Port of Virginia through 6 p.m. local ramp-time on Thursday, April 9. The need to continue the embargo is currently under review.
5) The port has commitments from some of its ocean carrier partners to evacuate 4,000-plus empty containers during the next 10 days.
6) We have contracted with OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and external contractors to augment our maintenance teams at both NIT and VIG and assist with essential, preventative maintenance and repair of equipment at those terminals. In the coming weeks, straddle carriers, reach stackers, rail-mounted gantry cranes (RMG) and other equipment will be put through an inspection and maintenance rotation to ensure these machines are safe and ready for operation.
At VIG, this maintenance rotation has started with RMG #32, which serves stack 16. Presently that crane is out of service and will remain so until the work is complete. We will be messaging on the service rotation for the RMGs as that schedule is developed.
7) Six assistant operations managers have been hired to work at each terminal and build the existing management teams.
8) With HRSA, the ILA is hiring and training checkers and longshoremen to increase its manpower at all of the terminals.
A reminder for weekend gate hours:
Saturday, April 11: NIT, VIG, PPCY will be open from

7 a.m. until 5 p.m. PMT will be open from 7 a.m. until 5 p.m. for return of empties only.
Sunday, April 12: VIG and PPCY will be open from 7 a.m. until 5 p.m.


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