The PowerPoint presentation vig-import-program-092716 outlines a new initiative by the Port of VA at VIG titled VIG IMP program designed to enhance port productivity and to better the on-port experience for the Motor Carrier.

The VIG IMP program, which is a new initiative established to improve the motor carriers’ experience at VIG, specifically by reducing landside wait times. He and his group, in conjunction with Sales, began by working with a small test group of motor carriers & BCO’s , to establish a list on a daily basis of import containers that were not going to be picked up within a 24 hour time frame. They would systematically feed the containers into the system, which would then segregate and move those containers out of the way of the landside boxes to be picked up on that day.

As more containers are fed into the system, the fewer re-handles occur for every motor carrier picking up a box from VIG. They are now looking at reaching out to any motor carrier that is willing and/or has the information necessary to provide to Jay to become part of the program as well. There was a calculated, systematic approach that was taken in the initial phases to ensure the program was not creating undesired outcomes. Attached is an excel document outlining the required fields for population into the system for this VIG Import Program. Jay asks that he and his group receive this file by 3-4pm for all containers not being picked up the following day. If nothing changes from day to day on a file that has been sent, no updates are necessary to send, but if changes do occur, they would like to receive updated spreadsheets. Contact email addresses for spreadsheet:,,

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