January 14, 2015

Dear Customer/Owner,

Please note that the New Veterans Bridge on Dominion Boulevard (that replaced the Steel Bridge) is only allowing legal loads (80,000) at this time. The Veterans Bridge has not been rated yet but as soon as we get the rating for the bridge, you will be notified. Please see our updated bridge restrictions enclosed with this notice. Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.


Luralla J. Watson
Office Assistant
Public Works-Traffic Engineering 757-382-6300

“The City of Chesapeake adheres to the principles of equal employment opportunity. This policy extends to all programs and services supported by the City.•


I. Weight restrictions are posted at thefollowing locations:

Route 17 (George Washington Hwy) drawbridge over the George Washington Canal between Old Mill•Road and Hinton Ave. (Army Corps. Eng.)

Tons Pounds
Single Vehicle 20 40,000
Semi-Trailer Combination 29 58,000
Truck and Full Trailer 39 78,000

Route 1 65 (Mt Pleasant Road)
drawbridge over the North Landing River, near the Virginia Beach City Line. (Army Corps Eng.)

Tons Pounds
Gross Weight Limit 13 26,000

Route 460 and 166 (22″d St.)
Overpass over the Norfolk Southern and Norfolk and Western Railways between Wilson Road and Liberty Street. (22″d Street Overpass #1820)
Tons Pounds
Gross Weight Limit 5 10,000

Route 13 and 460 (South Military: Hwy)
Overpass over the Norfolk and Western Railroad between Indiana Avenue and Enterprise Circle. (Sunray Overpass #1811)

Tons Pounds
Single Vehicle 19 38,000
Semi-Trailer Combination 31 62,000
Truck and Full Trailer 38 76,000

II. Loads exceeding the legal weight allowed (40 Tons) are restricted at thefollowing locations, based on the axle spacing. Permits issued/or overweight loads are restricted from crossing these bridges/structures.

Centerville Turnpike Bridge
(On Centerville Turnpike Road)

(Updated by Luralla Watson 1/13/2015)

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