Updates to PRO-PASS and Online Tracking/Tracing Process

Beginning Tuesday, July 10, Norfolk International Terminals (NIT), Richmond Marine Terminal (RMT) and Portsmouth Marine Terminal (PMT) will align with Virginia International Gateway (VIG) in transitioning all tracking/tracing functionality to PRO-PASS. When this deployment occurs, the track.portofvirginia.com website will no longer support current tracking/tracing requests.

In preparation for this important change, port partners and customers should consider the following:
• You will need to log into PRO-PASS (www.propassva.com) to access container availability, truck reservations, and historical transaction/search functions at all terminals
o Please make sure you register for a PRO-PASS account today
o Effective July 10, PRO-PASS will provide exclusive access to The Port of Virginia’s tracking/tracing tools

• The new PRO-PASS tracking site will allow you to search VIG, NIT, RMT and PMT simultaneously for container, bill of lading, booking, and gate transaction information
o You will not have to specify a terminal, but that option is incorporated

An online version of this announcement can be found here: The Migration of Online Tracking and Tracing to PRO-PASS

Our goal with The Port of Virginia tracking/tracing tools is to provide improved accessibility and functionality to all users by consolidating all functions on www.propassva.com. By consolidating these important tools on the PRO-PASS website, we will create a one-stop-shop for port customers and stakeholders.

In May, Virginia International Gateway (VIG) was the first terminal to migrate tracking/tracing to PRO-PASS (May 2018), and our team has made progress, with significant input from several trucking companies, toward upgrading the traditional functionality found on the track.portofvirginia.com site. Several enhancements to the PRO-PASS tracking site, including the ability to search all terminals, are available by logging into PRO-PASS (www.propassva.com) and clicking the link for POV Tracking. To use the new tracking features, you must log into PRO-PASS first.

This change moves the port toward a more secure and flexible platform for making reservations, checking availability, and searching historical transactions. We thank you for your patience as we move toward that goal. For questions regarding PRO-PASS and the new tracking and tracing features, contact your Port Sales Representative or our Customer Service Team.

Joe Harris
Port of Virginia

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