Update From TMTA on VIG Tracking System

Good Morning,

We are all aware that VIG’s transition to N4 has left the community with a very limited method of tracking at that port. It is strongly encouraged to not rely on ProPassVA as your only source of container availability or export information. It has proven to be inaccurate in some cases.

POV is acutely aware of this issue. They have discovered that the problem isn’t easily or quickly fixed. At first they believed they were only a day or two away from the solution. However it has been discovered to be more complicated.

The TMTA has been working closely with personnel from The Port of Virginia, (i.e. IT department, operations, customer service, etc.). I can assure you that the team writing the new code for the system are working day and night (literally). The long list of information that we require to successfully operate our companies will be coming available in stages. The most vital information has top priority.

The TMTA has successfully communicated the urgent need for visibility at VIG. We are aware that this has a monetary impact to the motor carriers and our customers. Currently there is no date we can provide for the new tracking system availability.

We will continue updating our membership on the progress of this project.

Marilynn Ryan
TMTA President

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