September 1, 2016 Transmitted Via E-mail

TO: UIIA Motor Carrier Participants

FROM: Debbie Sasko, AVP Information Services

RE: Update on Hanjin Shipping Company Ltd.


Based on the recent insolvency procedures that Hanjin Shipping Company Ltd. has commenced,

intermodal facilities are establishing their own guidelines in regards to the handling of Hanjin equipment. We

are currently contacting these facilities in attempt to ascertain this information and will be posting it on the UIIA

website as it becomes available.


In addition, it has been brought to our attention that some facilities have elected to no longer accept any

Hanjin equipment. In these circumstances, if the Motor Carrier is precluded from being able to return the

equipment, and was not notified of an alternate return location within the required timeframe set forth in

Section E.1.b. of the UIIA, the Equipment Provider would not have met its contractual obligations under this

provision of the Agreement.


Motor Carriers that encounter these situations should make sure that they create a factual record of the

attempt to return or pick-up Hanjin equipment and include the following information in this record. This

information will be necessary, should the Motor Carrier need to demonstrate their inability to perform drayage

services in conjunction with Hanjin equipment.

 Retain copies of any notices or advisories identifying changes to a facility’s policy as it relates to Hanjin

 Maintain copies of e-mail communications with facilities that documents your company’s attempt to

return or pick-up Hanjin equipment, but was unable to do so.

 Create a log of any verbal communications that your driver or dispatch office may have with a facility

regarding the inability to return or pick-up Hanjin equipment. The log should include 1) the date and

time of attempted return or pick-up; 2) name of the person your driver or dispatcher spoke to at the

facility; and 3) response of the facility when attempting to return or pick-up Hanjin equipment.


We will continue to monitor this issue and will update the UIIA website with any new information as it is

received. Please feel free to contact the UIIA office with any questions regarding this notice at (877)438-8442.

For specific questions regarding Hanjin equipment, please contact your local Hanjin office.

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