RICHMOND – The Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) today approved the location for U.S. 460 corridor improvements, which would span 17 miles from Suffolk to west of Zuni.
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The CTB approved a resolution to support the Preferred Alternative that would build a new four-lane divided highway from a new U.S. 460/58 interchange in Suffolk to west of Windsor. From west of Windsor to west of Zuni, the existing U.S. 460 would be upgraded to a four-lane divided highway and include a new bridge across the Blackwater River to eliminate long standing flooding problems. Click here for a larger version of the map.
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Last month, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers identified the alternative described above because it sufficiently meets the overall project purpose and need of safety, hurricane evacuation, and freight movement while impacting the fewest wetlands and having the possibility of qualifying for a permit. VDOT and its federal partners will continue to work together to minimize wetland impacts while meeting the project’s purpose and need.

With the CTB’s approval of the Preferred Alternative, VDOT will conduct public outreach this spring to answer questions, provide the latest information and solicit feedback.

The cost of the project ranges from $375 million to $425 million. No decision has been made on construction. A decision depends on the outcome of environmental work and contract negotiations.


VDOT, the FHWA and the Corps developed a Draft SEIS that evaluated alternatives to improve the U.S. 460 corridor. The public had an opportunity to review and comment on the SEIS last fall. Three public hearings were held and more than 520 comments were received. The recommended Preferred Alternative came from information included and evaluated in the Draft SEIS.

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Click here to review the Draft SEIS published in September 2014, which led to the selection of the Recommended Preferred Alternative.

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