To the Membership of TMTA,
As directed in the TMTA vision statement: “…to take a leadership role to promote safe, efficient, and responsible truck commerce..” we offer the following as the TMTA’s POSITION ON THE SAFETY OF LIFE AT SEA (SOLAS) REGULATION:

Because the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has announced new/enforcement regulations regarding the certification of container weights or Verified Gross Mass (VGM) that will go into effect on July 1; and since this announcement, the subject of Safety of Life at Sea or SOLAS has been a topic of a great deal of discussion; and because, we have all heard of varying positions being taken by other port authorities regarding the handling of export loaded containers when the SOLAS regulation goes into effect, the TMTA offers the following as our position of handling.

It would seem that most ports are planning to accept and ‘quarantine’ the loads awaiting weight certification from the shipper. When in the event that the Port of VA’s (POV) exporting customers fail to provide the POV with the Verified Gross Mass (VGM)/Certified Weights of their shipments, the Tidewater Motor Truck Association (TMTA) urges the Virginia Port Authority (VPA) to put in place the procedures to accept the export containers onto the marine facilities while awaiting shipper’s weight certifications. Any other procedure would hamper the progress of commerce in the State and adversely affect the renewed emphasis on the POV’s throughput and growth.

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