Fellow Motor Carriers,

The Tidewater Motor Truck Association (TMTA) appreciates the strong partnership and collaboration we have with the Port of Virginia. Through teamwork, we have experienced a more consistent workday for our drivers and productivity improvements at the ocean terminals.  We do, however, think the recently announced reduction in gate daily hours, and the elimination of Saturday hours entirely will impact all the port stakeholders, and most specifically motor carrier community in their service to the importer and exporters utilizing the POV ocean terminals.  The TMTA Board of Directors feel it is important to present the position of our membership on this topic that in our opinion will affect the welfare and general good of our industry and State commerce.
Effects of the Saturday Gate Closure and Gate Hour Changes

  • Members are concerned with driver sustainability.
  • Saturday hours will have an impact on the growing reefer trade.
  • Saturday hours have become a necessity in servicing customers that have altered their work week to accommodate the change implemented by the POV.
  • The reduction of daily gate hours will lead to an increased amount containers on the port facility leading to less productivity, and possible congestion.
  • Reduced daily and Saturday hours will undoubtedly lead to an increase risk of Demurrage and Per-diem bills for motor carriers and shippers.
  • Many commodity based truckers do not have a steady cargo flow and volumes come in large lots of container volume.  When these large consignments come into the port the hours being utilized, especially Saturday hours, become a necessity to avoid demurrage and per diem charges levied by the Ocean Carriers.

The TMTA is aware that the recent changes were implemented as container volumes have fallen, as well as the positive effects of “increased capacity and efficiencies.”  However, to promote a consistent operating model to BCOs and their service providers it is equally important to present a consistent operational structure they can depend on as we all seek to grow the port volumes we all desire. TMTA is committed to sharing our members views, monitoring productivity and insuring adjustments are made to ensure timely customer access to their freight.

Members are encouraged to use TRAC to report any Port related issues as they arise.

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