Below is a summary of ongoing efforts taking place to support the TMTA mission. A small contingent met with Virginia Secretary of Trans-
portation on Nov 20th, and conducted a follow-up on Dec 20th to discuss
concerns about congestion, perceived inaccessibility of the ports in early morning hours, and challenges being experienced with the TRS.  Since
the meeting and subsequent meetings with the POV,  some minor 
improvements have resulted and talks are ongoing. A small contingent
met Virginia Governor Northam at a political function in VA Beach. 
Although the visit was brief, few seconds with the Governor and his aides the same concerns men-tioned previously were stressed.  Congress-
woman, Elaine Luria was also briefed by the group. Again, all talks
centered around the concerns about the effect that poor port productivity can have on the driver workforce and state commerce.  Because of record-high turn times during the 2018 peak season, The TMTA Pier Committee has reconvened and have been meeting weekly with senior POV staff
working on issues and pushing for resolutions to ensure more efficient
turn times at all POV facilities. The committee has consistently met with
Kevin Price (POV Sr VP of Operations), Vance Griffin, Patrick Jefferson,
Greg Edwards, Mark Higgins and Tom Christman. Weekly recaps from
Bob Eveleigh, the Pier Committee Chair, are shared with the board and
will be summarized at the February Membership meeting. There is a Pro-Pass Gen2 group and a separate TRS resolution group meeting and work-
ing to resolve the TRS problems. It is made up of operations staff from
our membership.  The purpose is to identify enhancements that can be
incorporated now and in the future to benefit everyone in the motor
carrier community. TMTA has a seat on the City of Norfolk’s Hampton
Blvd Advisory Taskforce.  The city is working to make Hampton Blvd
and other major thoroughfares in the city safer. While at the at the same
time there are efforts to assure that the trucking community will at least maintain current accessibility, advocating for access that matches NIT
operating hours is noted. Future efforts to continue to advocate on the
community’s behalf will included participation and attendance at the
VPA Board of Commissioner’s meeting of JAN 29th; and, plans by some
TMTA members to attend the VMA’s FEB 5th and 6th trip to Richmond
visiting with General Assembly members, and sharing some insights to
the port operations and effects being felt by the community.  Some TMTA Board members are in discussions with ODU, TCC, VMA and the
insurance industry to directly recruit, further train and hire recent CDL
graduates in Hampton Roads. 
There are fourteen TMTA board members who would welcome your support. Payment of dues, attending TMTA meetings, communicating our challenges to other port stakeholders & government groups will
champion our collective cause for improved conditions for our drivers,
shippers and the Virginia Commonwealth.

On Behalf of the Board,
Marguerite Frier
TMTA President

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