To:  Motor Carrier Partners
From:  Operations and Terminal Optimization Teams
Date:  April 5, 2017
Subject:  Launching the PRO-PASS website; acquiring new RFID tags

A critical component of our continuing efforts to provide you with the highest levels of service is the launch of our PRO-PASS system. The new PRO-PASS website will ultimately serve as a hub for motor carrier resources and operational information vital to the daily movement of cargo.
We are pleased to share that Phase 1of the PRO-PASS website is complete. This initial phase allows you to:
         *   Register trucks, order and pay for your new RFID tags

As you may know, the new NIT North Gate complex will go into service in June 2017. Your ability to utilize that gate is dependent upon the deployment of new RFID tags in all trucks. In order to provide you with adequate time to prepare, we are launching the site today, April 5th, so that you can begin the process of purchasing RFID tags and begin registering individual trucks in the PRO-PASS system. 

Both of these items can only be accomplished by visiting

Future Phases of the PRO-PASS website, to be launched later in 2017, will provide access to:
      • Tracking container availability at NIT and VIG
      • Our truck reservation system
      • Operations tools, resources and announcements

We look forward to sharing regular updates with you. If you have any questions regarding the RFID tag fulfillment process, please contact:

PRO-PASS Customer Care Support Email:
PRO-PASS Customer Care Support Phone Number:   (866) 758-3838
You will find a helpful PRO-PASS registration-guide at this link:  PRO-PASS Registration Guide

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