Members of the Maritime Supply Chain Community,

The Virginia Maritime Association invites you to participate in a simultaneous horn blast in honor of our industry’s unsung supply chain heroes during COVID-19. #supplychainheroes

On Wednesday, May 20 at 12:00 PM, the Virginia Maritime Association is coordinating an audible show of support for the essential workers of the maritime supply chain during this COVID-19 crisis.

“The VMA celebrates the women and men on the frontlines of the maritime supply chain. Like the companies that emply them, they help sustain our community through this pandemic and will be the foundation upon which our economy will grow with opportunities for many more to participate. They are supply chain heroes, for whom we should all be grateful.” – Michael W. Coleman, President, VMA Board of Directors.

The VMA encourages maritime supply chain industries and services: agents, pilots, ship and tug crews, trucking, rail, shipyards, terminals, warehouses and maritime services to participate in a simultaneous horn blast at 12:00 PM on Wednesday, May 20, for 30 seconds.

With this audible show of appreciation, we will honor the hundreds of thousands of essential workers, on the water, on the docks, on the terminals and shipyards, in the warehouses, on the road and rail, risking exposure on the frontline during this pandemic. These heroes are sustaining our economy and ensuring the delivery of vital medical supplies, essential household goods, and other supplies to protect us and keep our economy moving forward.

The VMA is coordinating with its agency partners to disseminate information of the simultaneous horn blast to maritime industry, municipalities, and media to inform the community of this #supplychainheroes celebration.

What: Simultaneous 20-30 Second Horn Blast
When: Wednesday, May 20th at Noon
Where: Port of Hampton Roads and Supply Chain Industries Statewide
Who: Maritime Supply Chain Industries & Services

Participants in the simultaneous horn blast should ensure the safety of others when sounding horns

Only moored or anchored vessels and parked trucks and locomotives should participate, as we cannot ensure that all on the road and waterways will be aware of the celebration.

“We owe a debt of gratitude to all those willing to perform their jobs under the risk of exposure to the COVID-19 coronavirus. This includes healthcare providers, grocery store and essential retail workers, first responders and many others. Not popularly recognized are the women and men whose daily work on the frontlines sustains our economy and ensures needed supplies reach our hospitals and our households. VMA is honored to recognize these maritime supply chain heroes.” – David White, Executive Vice President, Virginia Maritime Association.

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