At the January meeting of the TMTA the membership will be asked to consider and vote for the following revision to the Tidewater Motor Truck Association By-Laws:

TO: The TMTA Membership,

Per a decision by the TMTA Board of Directors, following are two TMTA By-law revisions as it pertains to the election of officers and board members for a new calendar year.  The changes are needed so that the organization would have the new slate of officers and BoD members in place to take their positions at the beginning of the calendar year.  Please review, as a vote of the membership to accept these revisions will we asked in the JANUARY 17th Membership meeting.

1st Revision:  Would change the “ANNUAL MEETINGS” heading and term used in Article VII Section “A” : Meetings and Election of Officers to read: “LAST MEETING OF THE CALENDAR YEAR“ allowing the last meeting of the calendar year to occur in the same calendar year as the voting, but prior to the commencement of the calendar year that Officers and BoD members would take office.  Voting for Officers and Directors must take place before the 15th day of DECEMBER.

2nd Revision: to ARTICLE VII Section “G”: ELECTION of OFFICERS  and DIRECTORS to read:  The Nominating Committee Shall nominate a full slate of Officers and Directors in accordance with the provisions set forth herein, and submit this slate in a membership meeting not later than 30 days prior to the last meeting of the calendar year, thus allowing the members ample time to review and to submit any additional names in nomination.  At the Last Meeting of the Calendar Year, Officers and Directors shall be elected by a majority of votes cast by the members in good standing and present at the meeting.
Frank Borum
TMTA President

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