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An online version of this message can be found here: PRO-PASS RFID Tags – Mandatory for All NIT and VIG Gate Hours as of May 22, 2018

Positive developments, aimed at increasing capacity and efficiency, continue at The Port of Virginia. New RMGs, including a new rail-focused cantilever RMG, and new shuttle trucks have arrived at VIG. Construction work at NIT South is underway and progressing.

As new RMG stacks are delivered and come online, the means by which we identify individual trucks will shift from TWIC badge-based identification to PRO-PASS RFID (WhereNet) identification.

• Effective Tuesday, May 22, 2018, PRO-PASS RFID tags will be mandatory at NIT and VIG terminal gates, during all operating hours.
• PRO-PASS RFID tags will be required to interface with all gate lanes and transfer zone lanes.
• Trucks arriving without PRO-PASS tags will be denied entry to NIT and VIG.

Using RFID tags at the transfer zones is faster, more accurate, and more efficient for trucks accessing the port. RFID position readings occur in real-time, and immediately broadcast truck location information as a driver backs into a transfer zone lane. Additionally, we will see productive gains during the out gate process, as truck identification occurs more quickly, thus reducing out gate turn time.

We will continue to bring new container stacks online at VIG throughout the year. The new stacks will not function without the ability to read the PRO-PASS RFID tag, therefore the mandatory PRO-PASS requirement must occur in advance. We will retrofit existing stacks with the RFID readers, removing badge scanners as we go.

• TWIC Badge Readers used at VIG and NIT Transfer Zones will be phased out and replaced with PRO-PASS RFID readers.
• TWIC Badge Readers at outbound interchange gate lanes will also be phased out and replaced with PRO-PASS RFID readers.

To reiterate, as of Tuesday, May 22, any container truck planning to conduct business at NIT and/or VIG, at any hour of the day, must be outfitted with a PRO-PASS RFID tag.

• PRO-PASS RFID tags can be ordered through www.PROPASSVA.com.
• Individual RFID tags cost $105.
• Three-day free shipping is included in the tag purchase price.
o Please allow adequate lead time for tags to be shipped and received by May 22.
o The ability to acquire tags locally is extremely limited.

A timeline has yet-to-be established for PRO-PASS requirements at PMT, NNMT, PPCY, Richmond Marine Terminal or the Virginia Inland Port.

The first generation of RFID tags (Transcore) are still in place on many trucks serving The Port of Virginia. There is no need to remove those tags at this time.

Thank you for your business.


Gregory J. Edwards
Director, Internal and Partner Communications

Virginia Port Authority
600 World Trade Center
Norfolk, VA 23510
Office: 757-683-2110
Cell: 757-617-0852

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