Motor Carrier Partners,

I know this is a strange time – and a strange environment – to ask for your help with something as run-of-the-mill as a website improvement project.  If you are not in a position to respond to this inquiry, I will certainly understand.

As we prepare to update The Port of Virginia website, we are reaching out to our primary stakeholder groups, asking for their input regarding which website tools and features are more important/less important to them.

In your company, who is the person(s) most familiar with  Who uses it most frequently?

Please ask that person, or persons, these questions:

  1. Which 5-7 existing tools are the most critical (ranked in order of importance)? 
  2. Which tools do you rarely/never use – safe for deletion?
  3. Is there anything missing from this page that you would like to see added?

This request is being deliver to 6-8 key drayage partners in the port, including you.  While I understand the inclination to forward this request to a larger group – ex. all TMTA and/or MCC members – PLEASE DO NOT.  We would prefer to keep the focus group small and the feedback manageable.

Thanks for your help.  Stay safe as we all work toward better days!



Gregory J. Edwards
Director, Internal and Partner Communications

Virginia Port Authority

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