PMT’s Back Gate Processing – Testing Phase

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As part of our ongoing dialogue with the motor carrier community, we are constantly pursuing new strategies designed to improve the efficiencies of our terminals, and the experience of the individual truck driver. Today, we are pleased to announce the testing phase of a new initiative at Portsmouth Marine Terminal (PMT) – “Back Gate Processing.” Permanent implementation of this initiative is dependent on the results observed during the testing phase.

Effective immediately:

Drivers will see multiple on-terminal signs at PMT, directing them to “Back Gate Lanes.”

When PMT’s main truck gate interchange experiences heavy volumes, members of the PMT Ops Team will selectively notify individual drivers that Back Gate processing is a viable option. Out-gate transactions may be processed at the alternative Back Gate, located at the far eastern end of Seaboard Ave., closest to the Midtown Tunnel and the PPCY (see aerial image).

Once the truck has been successfully processed (out-gated) at the Back Gate, the driver will reverse course and proceed westward down Seaboard Ave. to PMT’s main truck interchange. The driver will utilize the bypass lane on the far right (“Exit Terminal” sign) to exit the terminal, stopping only at the outbound CBP Portal (loads only).

Questions regarding this new process should be directed to the port’s Customer Service Team.

Gregory J. Edwards
Director, Internal and Partner Communications

Virginia Port Authority
600 World Trade Center
Norfolk, VA 23510
Office: 757-683-2110
Cell: 757-617-0852

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