Equipment Control Contacts for the United States & Canada
Inland Operations
377 E. Butterfield Lombard, IL 60148
Please note ONE Inland Operations will not be fully staffed until April 2nd

Ronnie Armstrong
Vice President of Inland Operations Office: 1-708-667-6084
Mike Reinhart Director of Equipment
Office: 1-331-307-4352 or 1-708-667-6095
Renee Garrett
Senior Manager East Equipment
Office: 1-331-307-4361 or 1-708-667-6098
Nelson Weisman
Senior Manager West Equipment
Office: 1- 331-307-4364 or 1-708-667-6101
Scott Samons
Manager of South East & Gulf Equipment
Office: 1-331-307-4362 or 1-708-667-6118
Ted Dost
Manager of Midwest & Central Canada Equipment
Office: 1-331-307-4365 or 1- 708-667-6119
Eric Mademann
Manager of West Coast Equipment
Office: 1-331-307-4363 or 1-708-667-6122
Silvia Simpson
Manager of North East Equipment Office: TBD
MaryAnn Rodgers
Manager of Equipment Administration
Office: 1-331-307-4366 or 1-708-667-6123
Shaun Gannon
Director of Procurement Office: 1-804-256-2237
Dave Daly
Vice President Marine Operations and Procurement
Office: 1-804-256-2227
Tiffany Noseck Procurement Office: 1-804-256-2321

Equipment Control (EQC) and Procurement Group Email address

NA.DepotControl@one-line.comUsed for general distribution mail like yard reports
NA.EQCSOUTH@one-line.comUsed for Gulf/SE department emails for transactional day to day emails
NA.EQCNORTHEAST@one-line.comUsed for NE department emails for transactional day to day emails
NA.EQCCENTRAL@one-line.comUsed for Midwest department for transactional day to day emails
NA.EQCNORTHWEST@one-line.comUsed for Pacific North-West department emails for transactional day to day emails
NA.EQCSOUTHWEST@one-line.comUsed for Pacific South West department emails for transactional day to day emails
NA.EQCADMIN@one-line.comUsed for Equipment Admin for off hire, domestic, and payment related
NA.IOP.ProductAdmin.Depot@one- line.comUsed for inquiries related to depot invoice processing, procurement and setup matters.
NA.IOP.ProductAdmin.Truck@one- line.comUsed for inquiries related to truck procurement, onboarding inquiries.

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