NIT’s New CSA Opens on Monday, March 26


An online version of this message can be found here:  NIT’s New CSA Opens on Monday, March 26


As construction progresses at NIT South, we appreciate the continued flexibility and partnership of the trucking community with regard to operational changes.


Effective at 0500 hours on Monday, March 26, the permanent Chassis Service Area (CSA) canopy will open at NIT North – 500 area.  This is the blue canopy that was previously located next to the control tower.


In late January, we announced the relocation of the CSA and roadability function from NIT South to NIT North – 500 area.  For the last two months, drivers have entered the CSA/roadability area off Railroad Ave., adjacent to the entrance for the North Transfer Zone queue.  Drivers exit the CSA/roadability area on to Railroad Ave., across from the newly consolidated Reefer Service Area (RSA).  This traffic pattern will not change.


With the opening of the permanent canopy, CSA functions, currently being performed in the lanes, will move under the canopy.


Since January, multiple vessels services have been relocated from NIT South, to NIT North, to accommodate terminal optimization.  A strategic decision to relocate CSA and roadability functions to the North reduces driving distances and improves turn times for drivers at NIT.


If you have questions regarding these changes, please contact Jeff Norris, Gate Services Manager, 757-440-7144 /

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