************Effective September 5, 2017*************

The Port of Virginia is pleased to announce a new, centralized Reefer Service Area (RSA) adjacent to the PPCY Empty Yard in Portsmouth. This new facility is designed to improve the customer experience for ocean carriers, the trucking community and beneficial cargo owners.

Services Offered:

Empty reefer deliveries/returns only (no loads)

Reefer plugs

Reefer washout facilities

M&R vendor pre-trip services

Chassis swaps available, as dictated by equipment size


Centrally located facility – easy interstate access

Improved processes and efficiencies for all partners

Centralized location for empty reefers

The accompanying map (separate attachment) provides additional details regarding location and traffic patterns.



Empty Reefer Service Area

Intersection of Harper and Seaboard Ave., just beyond the PPCY entrance

Portsmouth, VA 23707

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday: 0500 – 1800 (Final reefer pick-up at 1630 hours; final reefer delivery at 1700 hours) Saturday: 0700 – 1200 (Final reefer pick-up & delivery at 1100 hours)

Standard Operating Procedures:

Pre-mount and live-lift services available

Empty reefer returns governed by the matrix

Damaged reefer units will not be received**

** Contact the ocean carrier for instructions regarding damaged units

If you have questions about the new Portsmouth RSA, please contact our Customer Service Team: POVCustomerService@vit.org or 757-440-7160

Thank you for your business and your continued support.

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