Q. Why a new Reefer Service Area (RSA)?
A. The main objective of the new RSA is to offer a centralized location for empty reefers and to improve the experience for our reefer customers – BCOs, ocean carriers and truckers. The new RSA presents truckers and ocean carriers with an alternative to returning empties to the marine terminal (as governed by the matrix).

Q. Where is the new Reefer Service Area (RSA) located?
A. The new Reefer Service Area (RSA) is considered an extension of the Pinners Point Empty Container Yard (PPCY) and is located next to that facility in Portsmouth, in proximity to PMT (access via Harper Ave).

Q. What reefer sizes will the RSA accept?
A. The PPCY RSA will accept all sizes of empty reefer containers, as directed by the empty matrix.

Q. Are Reefer services changing at the port’s terminals?
A. Reefer services remain in place and unchanged at all Port of Virginia marine terminals.

Q. How will vessel evacuation of empty reefer container be administered?
A. In partnership with the ocean carriers, empty reefers may be returned to the marine terminal for vessel
evacuation (as governed by the matrix).

Q. How many vendors will serve the new RSA?
A. The RSA is open to all vendors. However, MRS will be the sole vendor on September 5. Ocean carriers are subject to standard contract rules/pricing previously established with MRS.

Q. What are the costs associated with using the PPCY RSA?
A. There are no additional fees from The Port of Virginia for using the new RSA. Terms and conditions at the new RSA parallel those in place at the marine terminals.

Q. What is HRCP’s role at the RSA?
A. HRCP will execute lifts and manage the interchange. All other services and functions will be vendor-provided. There will be no additional charges for chassis usage on the PPCY RSA.

Q. Can truckers provide advance notice of empty reefer pick-up requirements?
A. A reefer reservation can be made, to facilitate efficient handling, and to ensure availability of ocean carrier equipment. For more info, please refer to our webpage:

Reefer Reservations


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