The Virginia Port Authority has issued the following:

Port Partners,

An online version of this message can be found here:  New Off-Dock Chassis Yard – Portsmouth

In our constant effort to optimize the efficiency of the terminal experience, we are pleased to announce the following:

A new off-dock chassis yard will open, in Portsmouth, adjacent to Portsmouth Marine Terminal (PMT) and the Pinners Point Container Yard (PPCY).  The new chassis yard will be co-located with the existing Reefer Service Area (RSA) and will act as a drop and pick location for HRCPII chassis.

  • Entry and exit will be via Harper Avenue
  • RSA and Portsmouth Chassis Yard (PCY) operations remain unchanged
  • Chassis currently on terminal at Virginia International Gateway (VIG) will be relocated to the new off-dock chassis yard
    • Effective August 12, VIG will no longer receive/accept bare chassis
    • As of that date, VIG bare chassis must be dropped at the RSA
    • Drivers may still pick-up bare chassis at VIG after August 12, subject to availability, until inventories are depleted
  • The new off-dock chassis yard will offer a “One Stop Shop” for chassis
    • A start/stop location for HRCPII operations
    • Servicing all chassis sizes
    • Major and minor damage repairs accepted
  • The gate hours at the new off-dock chassis yard will mirror gate hours at VIG
    • 0400 hours OPEN, 1700 hours CLOSE – Monday – Friday
    • 0700 hours OPEN, 1200 hours CLOSE – Saturdays
  • Effective August 19 at VIG
    • Reefer units may no longer be dropped (parked on chassis)
    • Roadability will remain active for minor repairs
    • On terminal chassis swapping will no longer be feasible

See the image below for additional details.

Consolidating chassis off-dock will create greater flexibility and efficiencies for cargo operations at VIG and PMT, enabling us to jointly serve our mutual customers.
Questions regarding the new Portsmouth off-dock chassis yard should be directed to our Customer Service Team:  757-440-7160 /

Sent on behalf of:
Will Fediw
Vice President, Industry & Government Affairs
Virginia Maritime Association

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