An electronic version of this announcement can be found here:  Navis N4 Rollout at Virginia International Gateway

As we continue our efforts to increase capacity and improve efficiency across The Port of Virginia, we are pleased to announce another milestone event for Virginia International Gateway (VIG) in Portsmouth.

In the coming weeks, the Navis N4 terminal operating system (TOS) will be deployed at VIG.

In June 2014, the N4 TOS was successfully deployed at Norfolk International Terminals (NIT).  For the last four years, N4 has proven to be a solid and reliable foundation for NIT operations.  The same version of N4 will be deployed at VIG.

VIG’s conversion to the N4 TOS is timely and necessary.  Over the next several months, as new RMG stacks, a new rail operation and a Truck Reservation System (TRS) all “go live” at VIG, N4 will be required to leverage all of the technological advantages inherent in these new developments.

For the benefit of our motor carrier partners:

·       A measured, or phased, rollout is planned

·       VIG will operate continuously during the rollout – the terminal WILL NOT be taken offline

·       Minimal to no gate impacts are anticipated

·      The motor carriers will benefit from the efficiencies of N4, without assuming additional responsibilities

Learn more about the Navis N4 TOS here:



Gregory J. Edwards

Director, Internal and Partner Communications

Virginia Port Authority

600 World Trade Center

Norfolk, VA  23510

Office: 757-683-2110

Cell: 757-617-0852


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