An online version of this message can be found here: OPERATING PLAN CHANGES – Tropical Storm Isaias – Message 4 – 3:00 p.m. on August 3

After reviewing all available information – weather forecasts, cargo projections and safety considerations – The Port of Virginia has made the decision to alter our previously announced plans.

PLEASE BE ADVISED OF THE FOLLOWING (changes are highlighted accordingly):

1. The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG), Captain of the Port, has declared port condition YANKEE for Hampton Roads, meaning sustained gale force winds are expected at the Virginia Capes within 24 hours
o Inbound and outbound vessel traffic continues, without interruption
2. All POV terminals, facilities and offices are following standard operating hours today, Aug. 3
3. In the interest of safety: At 2359 hours tonight, Aug. 3, the operating team will execute a HARD STOP at all terminals and facilities
4. At 1200 hours on Tuesday, Aug. 4, port operations will resume (vessel/rail/truck)
o All truck gates at all terminals and supporting facilities will open at 1200 hours
o Truck gates at NIT and VIG
1. Open at 1200 hours on Aug. 4 – TRS mandatory hours remain in effect until 1500 hours
1. All TRS reservations for Tuesday morning, Aug. 4, from 0800 – 1100, have been cancelled
2. Final reefer pick-up at 1630 hours
3. Portal closure at 1700 hours
o PPCY empty yard
1. Open at 1200 hours on Aug. 4
2. Final delivery/pick-up at 1730 hours
3. Close at 1800 hours
4. Empty returns will be governed by the matrix – please review the matrix for Aug. 4
o The RSA and Portsmouth Chassis Yard will also open at 1200 hours
5. From Aug. 4 – 7 (four days), truck gates at NIT, VIG, PPCY, RSA and PCY will remain open one hour later than published schedules

We apologize for the changes in the operating plan, but we believe these changes will ensure the safest and most efficient working environment.

You may contact our Customer Service Team here, and by phone at 757-440-7160.
SOURCE: Greg Edwards, Virginia Port Authority, 8/3/20

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