Port Closed on Tuesday as the Result of Inclement Weather Forecast; Planning for Snow Removal and Resumption of Operations Underway

NORFOLK — As a result of the forecast for snow tonight (Monday, Feb. 16) and accompanying accumulation, The Port of Virginia is enacting its snow preparation, removal and resumption of operations plan.

This plan prioritizes snow removal at the terminals and the effort for getting operations restarted as soon as possible with safety as the overriding goal.

Presently, the port is planning for four inches of snow and if that forecast holds, we anticipate the port being closed all day on Tuesday, Feb. 17, and reopening at 6 a.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 18. Depending on the amount of snow and how removal proceeds, if the terminals can open ahead of time, it will be immediately communicated.

Our hope is for a normal start on Wednesday, but it is necessary to plan for any eventuality. Any start time other than the 6 a.m. Wednesday, Feb. 18, projection, will be communicated via the trucker alert system, Facebook, operational alerts on www.portofvirginia.com and email.

Based on today’s forecast, operations could cease Monday, as early as 7 p.m., depending on the conditions at the terminal. Presently, operations at all terminals are per normal.

Port operations and maintenance are spreading sand and salt at Norfolk International Terminals (NIT) and Virginia International Gateway (VIG). Further, the port’s snow removal assets have been readied and snow removal contractors are on notice.

The larger removal effort at VIG and NIT begins at 6 a.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 17, and the priorities for removal are as follows: piers, rail and gates.

Once the terminals have been reopened, the slippery conditions will dictate a slower pace of operations. The port will extend its free-time to cover the anticipated closure; we encourage motor carriers to use the Saturday gates to make up for lost time.

The priorities for clearing and reopening are as follows:
1) NIT and VIG
2) PMT
4) NNMT: noon, Wednesday, Feb. 18
5) POC / Administration Building
6) NCY

The Port of Richmond (POR) closes today at 4 p.m. Both POR and Virginia Inland Port are scheduled to resume operations at noon on Tuesday, Feb. 17.

SOURCE: Virginia Port Authority

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