64 Express Lanes Coming in December –
More Choices for Travelers

FROM VDOT – We know you’re always interested in the latest traffic information to assist you with your commute. For that reason, we want to share information about the new 64 Express Lanes that will be implemented along the I-64 corridor in Norfolk beginning in early December.

The current underutilized High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV-2+) – existing Reversible Roadway – lanes are being converted to 64 Express Lanes from I-564 to near the I-264/I-64 Interchange. These lanes are voluntary and are designed to move more people on existing roadways and alleviate congestion in the General Purpose Lanes. Motorists will have a more reliable trip with new travel choices.

With the conversion comes a change in operating hours.The 64 Express Lanes will operate Monday-Friday from 5am-9am westbound and from 2pm-6pm eastbound.Outside the operating hours, the lanes are FREE for travelers.

The 64 Express Lanes will be open to single occupant drivers who choose to pay a variable toll during the peak travel hours and who have an E-ZPass. Vehicles carrying two or more people can ride for FREE during operating hours with an E-ZPass FLEX transponder turned to “HOV On” mode.

The toll rate will be determined by the number of vehicles in the Express Lanes at the time.There will be signage posted prior to the start of the Express Lanes stating the toll rate before you commit to the lanes.
All tolls collected from 64 Express Lanes will be reinvested in the Hampton Roads I-64 corridor for future corridor improvements.

We know you may have additional questions about the new 64 Express Lanes, including how dynamic tolling works, 64 Express Lanes toll payment and where to obtain E-ZPass or E-ZPass Flex. (If you have a current E-ZPass and would like to trade it for an E-ZPass Flex, you can do so free of charge).

We invite you to visit our website at www.64ExpressLanes.org to learn more. If you have additional questions, you can also email us at: HamptonRoadsPublicInfo@VDOT.Virginia.gov.


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