Port Partners,

The safety of our colleagues and customers, along with the security of your cargo, is always our first priority. As we monitor the forecast track of Hurricane Irma, our thoughts and prayers go out to our fellow citizens in Florida and the Southeast.

Tropical weather systems are unpredictable by nature. However, as Irma draws closer, there is a greater degree of certainty regarding forecast conditions for The Port of Virginia. Current models indicate that the port will experience rain and gusting winds from Monday afternoon into Tuesday (September 11-12) – nothing that rises to a level of concern. Subject to forecast changes, The Port of Virginia will maintain a “business as usual” operating position as Irma passes inland, well to our west.

Our partners at the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) are responsible for managing port access and all planned vessel movements. As of today, September 8, USCG Sector Hampton Roads has no plans to limit access to the harbor. If the Coast Guard ultimately takes steps to protect port assets, and alter vessel operations, we will communicate those actions to you immediately.

In the interest of safety and accessibility, and for future reference, please take note of the following communication resources:

· Port of Virginia – Operations Alerts

· Port of Virginia – Facebook page

· Register for Port of Virginia Text Alerts

· USCG – Sector Hampton Roads

Please remain vigilant, in the event that the forecast changes. We are committed to keeping you informed of any variations in port status.


SOURCE: Virginia Port Authority

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