An online version of this message can be found here: Hurricane Florence – Message 2 – 4:00 p.m. on Sept. 10

With the approach of Hurricane Florence, we are cooperating with our state and federal partners to protect lives, infrastructure assets and your cargo.

At 2:30 p.m. today, September 10 – the U.S. Coast Guard – Fifth District – Hampton Roads – announced definitive steps designed to guard all maritime interests in The Port of Virginia.

Please be advised of the following:

• The USCG will set port condition X-RAY at 2359 on Monday night, September 10
• The USCG will set port condition YANKEE at 2359 on Tuesday night, September 11
• The USCG will close the main shipping channel, effective at 0600 hours on Wednesday morning, September 12
• The USCG will declare port condition ZULU at 1200 hours on September 12
o ZULU indicates that sustained gale force winds are predicted to arrive at the Virginia Capes within 12 hours
o For additional details regarding USCG policies and port conditions, click here: 2018 Port of HR Maritime Severe Weather Contingency Plan (page 3 for port conditions)

In support of USCG actions, The Port of Virginia will observe the following operational posture:

• On Tuesday, September 11, all truck gates will close according to posted hours (business as usual at all Port of Virginia terminals)
• HARD STOP for all terminal activities at 2359 hours on Tuesday, September 11
o All vessels to depart Port of Virginia berths
• Wednesday, September 12 – NIT / PMT / NNMT / VIG / PPCY / RMT / VIP – CLOSED

Recognizing the dynamic nature of this weather system, and the tremendous variability involved, we cannot, at this time, project port operating status beyond Wednesday, September 12. We are committed to regularly updating you, our valued customers and partners, for the duration of this event.

Be vigilant and be safe.



Gregory J. Edwards
Director, Internal and Partner Communications

Virginia Port Authority
600 World Trade Center
Norfolk, VA 23510
Office: 757-683-2110
Cell: 757-617-0852

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