Below, please find a memo from HRCPII Management Team
To: Motor Carrier Partners
From: HRCPII Management Team
Date: November 1, 2016
Subject: Out-gate Bare Chassis Billing

Effective December 1, 2016, HRCP II’s policy for bare chassis billing will be updated as follows:
A bare chassis, departing from a designated Port of Virginia terminal, yard or depot, must be associated with a specific container by the third calendar day following the out-gate transaction. The first two calendar days will serve as a grace period and chassis usage will not be billed.
If the bare chassis is not associated with a container by the close of business on the third calendar day, the bare chassis will become billable for the entire usage period, retroactive to the day of departure.

o For example, if a motor carrier departs with a bare chassis on Friday, and uses the bare chassis to pick up a container by the close of business Monday, the bare chassis will not be billed under the two day grace period.

o If the same motor carrier departs with a bare chassis on Friday, but does not pick-up a container until Tuesday, or later, the motor carrier will be billed for the bare chassis retroactive to the day of departure.

This billing policy has been revised after careful consideration by HRCPII representatives and motor carrier partners. This billing policy is intended to improve chassis availability, while maintaining operational efficiencies, at The Port of Virginia.

Questions regarding this change should be directed to Artie Ellermann at 757-686-6411, or

Thank you for your continued flexibility and support.

HRCPII Management Team

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