VIT is able to answer many TRS inquiries. If you have a TRS question start by calling 757-292-4545. This number is active from 0730-1800. If the Customer Service Representative is unable to resolve the issue the call will be transferred to the TRS team. Outside of these hours, calls to this number are forwarded to an answering service that will then forward an email to the TRS team for response. The goal is for someone from the TRS team to respond prior to 0730.

Remember to log associated challenges into the TMTA TRAC site

Reporting an incident to TRAC takes less than twenty seconds. When collected as a whole, this data is extremely valuable to all stakeholders. TMTA Port Committee reviews these items with the port. Several matters, some listed in below minutes have been corrected as a result and for that we are thankful.

Recent Port Committee Minutes

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TMTA TRAC: Truckers Reporting Adverse Conditions

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  • You are reporting adverse trucking conditions which will have wide distribution throughout the transportation community.
  • Please make your entry precise & professional. No name calling, profanity, or incivility.
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