An online version of this message can be found here: Election Day and Veterans Day – Port Operating Status

Over the next three weeks, our ILA partners will observe two holidays:

All Port of Virginia terminals will observe standard operating hours for container operations** on November 6 and 12.  In addition, posted Saturday gate hours remain in effect at NIT, PMT VIG and the PPCY on November 10.

**  If you are a breakbulk, out-of-gauge, and/or container freight station customer, please be advised of the following:

·        Tuesday, November 6 – Election Day
o   PMT and NNMT – OPEN for breakbulk and container cargoes
o   NIT and VIG – CLOSED for breakbulk cargoes (open for containers)

·        Monday November 12 – Veterans Day
o   NIT, VIG, PMT and NNMT – CLOSED for breakbulk cargoes (open for containers)

You may contact our Customer Service Team to confirm specific terminal availability and services.

All port administrative offices will be open on Election Day (Nov. 6).  Veterans Day is a state and federal holiday.  Port administrative offices, including the World Trade Center headquarters, will be closed on Monday, November 12.

Thank you for your business.



Gregory J. Edwards
Director, Internal and Partner Communications

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