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The Tidewater Motor Truck Association (TMTA) is pleased to announce an important Early Receiving Date (ERD) initiative with The Port of Virginia that will save all our member companies, fleet drivers, and customers time and money. As a leading voice of the trucking community, this announcement represents a big win for the trucking and maritime stakeholders. The Pier Committee of TMTA worked very closely with the Port of Virginia; and the genesis of this change is from several TMTA TRAC incidents submitted by our members. Special thanks goes out to Rob Cannizzaro, Vice President of Operations at Virginia International Terminals, Inc. for working closely with the Pier Committee to get this accomplishment done. TMTA is committed to continue working on behalf of the Hampton Roads trucking community to promote safe, efficient, and responsible truck commerce in The Commonwealth. Congratulations to all on a job well done!

In 2015, The Port of Virginia established the current “Early Receiving Date (ERD)” policy, allowing exporters and motor carriers to properly plan future moves, while maintaining the capacity and fluidity of the marine terminals. In recent months, we have listened to the concerns and suggestions shared by our shippers and motor carriers.

As a result of your valuable input, we are pleased to announce the following policy changes that emphasize predictability and reliability in the supply chain, and address the challenges associated with “on-time” vessel performance. Greater lead time will protect the integrity of appointments made in our PRO-PASS Trucker Reservation System (TRS).

Effective Monday, March 1, 2021:
• The Port of Virginia’s ERD will remain at seven (7) calendar days prior to vessel arrival, but it will be set and locked nine (9) calendar days prior to the vessel’s estimated time of arrival (ETA)
• Once the ERD is locked 9 calendar days out, it will open for receiving 7 calendar days out and will not be altered
• Ocean carriers may choose to enforce ERD polices that are more restrictive than that of The Port of Virginia
o We encourage the shipping public to discuss this change with their ocean carrier partners
• The policy change emphasizes predictability and reliability in the supply chain, addressing the challenges associated with “on-time” vessel performance
• Greater lead time will protect the integrity of appointments made in our PRO-PASS Trucker Reservation System (TRS)
You may review Port of Virginia vessel schedules here: []

We are working closely with our ocean carrier customers, ensuring that they are properly informed, and prepared, for this policy change.

Thank you for your business. If you have questions, The Port of Virginia Sales Team is ready to assist you.

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