Customer Service Creates One-Stop for Hanjin Cargo


September 6, 2016
Norfolk – The Port of Virginia has updated its Customer Service portal on the port’s website to include documents and current processes for the handling and movement of Hanjin cargo at the port.
These documents are designed to help those companies that expedite, haul and own cargo better understand and comply with the port’s updated policies regarding the movement of Hanjin containers. Any entity handling or moving Hanjin containers is asked to regularly check the customer service portal for additions to this document list. The Customer Service page is found at
There are five documents that have been added to the Customer Service portal:

As this situation evolves, the port will continue to review its policies and processes for handling Hanjin containers and all changes will be communicated to all port customers, users and stakeholders as soon as they have been finalized. Port leaders are meeting regularly to assess the situation and have committed to providing regular briefs/updates outlining any additions to the port’s policy regarding this matter. Any change in the port’s policy on the handling of Hanjin containers can be seen at:

Hanjin Shipping, South Korea’s biggest shipping firm, announced the filing for receivership and a request to the court to freeze its assets, which the Seoul Central District Court planned to grant.
The Port of Virginia strongly encourages contacting your representative at Hanjin Shipping if you have further questions. Questions for The Port of Virginia should be directed to Customer Service at 757-440-7160 or inquiries can be emailed to Chassis billing questions should be directed to Arthur Ellermann, HRCP II general manager, at 757-440-5195, or

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