Port Customers and Partners,

An online version of this announcement can be found here: Changes to Container Tracking at Virginia International Gateway

At The Port of Virginia, we take pride in the broad portfolio of digital tools and resources we offer the trade. We are working diligently with members of the trucking community, and our I.T. partner, Advent Intermodal Solutions, to establish a full portfolio of robust tracking and tracing tools on our PRO-PASS website: www.propassva.com

• As an immediate action item, we are asking all Port of Virginia stakeholders, regardless of industry segment, to register for a PRO-PASS account
o If you, or your colleagues, use our website to check container location/status, view equipment history or make TRS reservations, you will need a PRO-PASS account

• VIG’s container status/availability and container history reports are now available via www.propassva.com
o Log into the PRO-PASS website
 On the landing page, you will see this link: “VIG Container Move History”
 You may enter multiple container numbers into the search box
• To determine current container status/availability, click on the square, gray box, in the top left-hand corner of the screen

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