To: POV Motor Carriers
From: Operations Team
Date: Jan. 9
Subject: Changes to NIT North Transfer Zone
In our ongoing effort to improve throughput and truck turn-times at all Port of Virginia terminals, we are pleased to announce additional improvements at Norfolk International Terminals (NIT).
At the NIT truck transfer zones, drivers will notice changes in both personnel and processes. At full implementation, drivers will no longer be required to walk to a centralized truck transfer zone booth. Instead, the entire transaction will be conducted from the individual kiosk (a booth) corresponding to the lane the truck is parked in.
As communicated, the VIT operations team has been testing the new system this week and has made significant progress. On Saturday, Jan. 10, the North Transfer Zone will utilize the new system in many lanes and drivers will be asked to use the kiosk rather than walk to the central transfer zone booth. The clerk booths will be manned as a failover mechanism if needed.
Under the guidance of VIT team members, drivers will:
• Enter the kiosk corresponding to the truck lane they are parked in
• Swipe their TWIC badge and follow automated voice prompts
• Remain standing on the kiosk pressure pad until the container is delivered, picked-up, or both
• Straddle carrier operators are instructed to delay the move if the driver is not standing on the pressure pad in the kiosk (which turns on a light on the top of the kiosk, visible to the strad operator)
• Exit the kiosk only when the move is fully executed, the strad has moved off, and it is safe to return to the truck
The results of Saturday’s work will determine how quickly the team expands the system to the South Transfer Zone, which could occur as early as Saturday, Jan. 17.
As always, we appreciate your cooperation and willingness to help us improve our service

source: Port of Virginia

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