Please see the below message from the PORT :

An online version of this message can be found here: Adjusting the TRS Grace Period at VIG and NIT – 1400 Transition Hour

The Port of Virginia is handling historic cargo volumes. Vital investments in infrastructure, equipment and technology at Norfolk International Terminals (NIT) and Virginia International Gateway (VIG) are producing positive results for the port and our partners and customers.

Over the last 16 months, the PRO-PASS Truck Reservation System (TRS) has proven to be a critical initiative in managing the daily flow of freight in and out of NIT and VIG. Mandatory TRS hours are in place from gate opening until 1400 hours, Monday – Friday, at both terminals. Those hours remain unchanged.

At VIG, we are experiencing daily challenges associated with the transition hour (1400 hours) from mandatory to non-mandatory reservations. When non-mandatory hours commence at VIG, a large volume of trucks – as many as 250 – arrive at the inbound portal between 1400 – 1430 hours. This dynamic is creating congestion-related challenges for motor carriers and the terminal operating team.

In order to address this, and offer relief, we are pleased to announce the following policy change, effective at both VIG and NIT:


• Drivers with confirmed reservations for the 1400-1500 hour may enter the VIG / NIT inbound portals as early as 1330 hours
• Drivers without a 1400 hour reservation may not enter the VIG / NIT inbound portals before 1400 hours
o Drivers without reservations, attempting to enter the inbound portals prior to 1400 hours, are in violation of terminal policy

This policy change is intended to promote and ensure the efficient flow of cargo throughout the working day.

If you have questions regarding this policy, please contact the TRS Team at 757-292-4545 /

Thank you for your flexibility and for your business.

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