2016 Peak Season Gate Hours – VIG EXTENDS HOURS FOR WEEK OF 10/24

October 21, 2016
Being mindful of the increased seasonal cargo volumes expected to arrive over the next few days, and with the desire to be helpful to our partners, The Port of Virginia is pleased to announce extended gate hours at Virginia International Gateway (VIG) during the following dates:
• Saturday, October 22 – 0700 – 1500 (close at 1600)
• Sunday, October 23 – 0700 – 1500 (close at 1600)
• Monday, October 24 – 0500 – 2200 (close at 2300)
• Tuesday, October 25 – 0500 – 2200 (close at 2300)
• Wednesday, October 26 – 0500 – 2200 (close at 2300)
• Thursday, October 27 – 0500 – 2200 (close at 2300)

Extended hours at the PPCY empty yard will be regularly evaluated and offered on an as-needed basis. Gate hours at all other Port of Virginia terminals remain unchanged.

We are committed to collaborating with the trucking community on an ongoing basis, ensuring the accessibility of both loads and empties.

The Port of Virginia will continue to monitor volume flows and service levels, taking additional action as needed. We encourage all of our customers and partners to take full advantage of these extended gate hours.

SOURCE: http://www.portofvirginia.com/2016-peak-season-gate-hours-vig/.

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